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van der Hoeven

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Do more of what makes you happy



We want to spend more time in nature, learn important lifelessons, experience different

cultures, meet new persons en have different experiences. We want to be amazed

again, just like a liitle child that sees things for the first time.

We will be travelling through Europe, north Africa and the balkan countries.

We saved two years and we sold a lot of things to make this journey happen. We need to take it slowly with our money and therefor, we won't be staying at campingsites or payed camperspots. If you have recommendations, suggestions, a place to stay, a nice shower, a swmmingpool or anything else to share with us, please let us know. 



This is us! A happy family from the Netherlands. We love sushi, creativity, traveling, sauna, longbaording, walking in the woods and many other things. We are both 35 years and have two boys of 6 and 3 years old.

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For a long time, we had the desire to have more quality time for eachother and for life. We both had busy jobs that requered a lot of time and energy from us. We felt like we needed to really live instead of being lived by all the daily routines. Life goes quickly and  we didn't want to regret to not have fully enjoyed it.